The time has come…


This is not a drill, is not a rehearsal neither. The plane that I will be boarding in two days won’t be taking me to shoot interviews, real estates or any news like I do for a living. This plane is taking me to a place that I’ve been wanting to go for a long time, and the time has come, I’m going to India!!!

Im going for the real deal, where the culture is stronger than a train coming at you at 267 miles per hour, where the flavors will shutdown your sense of taste, where your nose will smell different scents, and where your eyes will see nothing like they have seen before. The good thing is that Egypt, Turkey, Morocco, Thailand and other countries has giving me the confidence, that Im ready to explore India.

This trip will be Epic, I know who I am today ,but I can’t wait to see who I will be when I come back.

I am Miguel, son of  my father and my mother, brother of my two sisters and uncle of my niece. Im a boy scout, I want to save the world, I want to be a Firefighter and I want to find  new planets, but for now I will be a visual poet and a story teller with a stomach full of hunger to explore more of this earth. Hoping to show you the way that I see the world, and to inspire you to go out there and see it for yourself.

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