When I flew to India

It feels like I flew to India weeks ago, when I have been here only  30 hours. It feels that way because many thing happening since that Friday that I left Miami to India.


First thing that I did that morning was filling my smart traveller enrollment for my trip. This is very important to do. Even when the US government will know that you are traveling because your passport will be on their system, with this program,you will get notification if anything bad happens in the country that you are traveling too. Also, if anything goes down, like a war or a terrorist attack in that country, “Technically” the US will look for you and know where to contact you.

Then the most important element for me was packing my photography gear. It was fun doing this, like putting a puzzle together.


img_5160After a few hours, I was pack and ready to fly!!! and no, I did not took with me the corner of my Sofa pillow 😉

Finally at the airpot, whereI have to pull my airline status card because I flew with Qatar and not American Airlines. Which  remind me to tell you, you should open a frequent flyer account,it has a few benefits and if you travel allots, you get miles that can get you very cheap flights, more comfortable seats and free check in luggage. img_5162

Another of those perks is having free “food” snacks, coffee, drinks and showers if you need too… of course, not all the premium lounges has those amenities, but at least you will be comfortable before your long flight.gdpc6275

Now Im on the plane on m way to India! of course, not all the planes look like this, but when you flight international yo usually fly in cool planes, like this Boing 787 and you have pretty flight attendnt like this one from Tunisia .



Finally, 19 hours later Im in India! I these flight where an adventure on its own. Now let see what the future holds for me in India.




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