I couldn’t wait…

After a long day of travel to India, I made it to my hotel in New Delhi around 4:00 am. For many people, Paharganj is not the best part of town, but for a budget traveler and a photographer, this was in the best place I could be. This area is very colorful, photogenic and with a lot of character.


I planned to take a two hours nap and get right at India’s time zone from Day one. I found my hotel clean with a nice bathroom and comfortable bed, and I thought being this comfortable will make me sleep right away. But it didn’t matter how comfortable the bed was and how tired I was, I couldn’t wait. So I got ready, took my camera and went out to explore the streets of Delhi.


It was early,the weather was amazing, the sun was out and the city was all ready alive.From rickshaws going after backpackers and families having breackfast in the street, made me felt that I was in a different place.


This is not my first BBQ, I’ve been in a few cities on the world, and  I’ve learn that the best way to learn the city is, going in the heart of it. So I took my first right street,straight to the back alleys. Yes, it was a bit intimidating, a bit dirty, but nothing that I couldn’t handle.DSC08772

And then I had my first encounter a local family. They say something that I didn’t have a single clue of what they where saying, but the say it with a smile,and that made me comfortable enough to get closer and try to have a conversation. That lead me to my first Masala Chai Tea.


One of the most predominant colors of India will come from the flowers.The common Marigold is familiar to everyone, with its pale-green leaves and golden orange flowers. They are very much used in making garlands for temple decoration and offerings.


After you have your Masala Chai tea and before going to the office, don’t forget to get groomed at the street barber shop, you will have a clean and sharp face for the rest of the day.


I felt a bit of the vibe of the indian people during that hour walk and I was ready to see more and go deeper in the culture. From that moment, I knew that I made the right choice of visiting India.


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